1) Are our products authentic?

Yes all our products are authentic as we only purchase from credible sources both locally and abroad.

2) Why are we priced so competitively?

We are priced competitively as we operate in an e-commerce environment; as such we do not have high overheads as traditional brick-and-mortar business do. In addition, we purchase in bulk and are able to pass on all these savings directly to consumers like you.

3) Are our products “fresh”?

As a general rule of thumb, perfumes can last a very long time if not used/sprayed for the first time. After the first use/spray/activation, it is advisable to use within a year to ensure best results. In Singapore, imported perfumery products require importers to attach a 3years expiry/use by date with the products. In addition our suppliers have a stock order and replenishing policy to ensure their/our products stay “fresh” ensuring that most of our products are relative as most are within 1 year from manufacturing

4) Is self-collection for purchases available?

We regret to inform you that at this stage we do not have any self-collection option available. However, we do offer promotions and free shipping options here. Terms and conditions apply

5) Are testers as good as the original products?

Testers are as good as the original products minus the fancy product packaging. They are usually made available at points-of-purchase for consumers to test out the fragrances. Testers are sold cheaper as the do not come with the fancy packaging and they may or may not come with caps. Purchase a tester of your choice if you see one as they are not widely available and they sell fast.

6) How do we know we are getting a good deal?

Start by comparing prices online. Most sellers stock and bulk buy differently as such; some are more competitive in pricing for certain brands and product references than others. Secondly, by following us on Facebook or registering on our website you are sure to get updated on our latest bundle deals and giveaways.

7) Where are we located?

We operate out of sunny Singapore . Drop us an email if your visiting we’d be happy to help.